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Optec-Sansi Sports Provides Full Color Video Display and Scoreboard for Cornbelters

Corn Belters

July, 2010
Optec-Sansi provides full color video screen and LED scoreboard to the Frontier League Cornhuskers as the centerpiece of their new stadium in Normal, IL.  The video screen will show in-game video effects, live video feeds and advertisements.  The scoring system is part of an overall stadium signage package that includes custom sign elements and sponsor panels

Opening Day for Cornbelters' Stadium

By WEEK Producer

July 15, 2010

The town of Normal has a new home for baseball. Tuesday marks the official grand opening of the Normal Cornbelters new 12 million dollar stadium.

In today's tough times, a project like this is pleasing more than just baseball fans. The doors are open, the ribbon is cut and Tuesday evening the Cornbelters will play ball.  For a lot of people in Normal this is about more than just baseball. This 12 million dollar stadium is a sign of better times to come.

"It's a private entity, it's a community project, it's a fun project. The whole community is going to use it. It's not a have-to project, it's a want-to project. That gives people a bit of hope that things will turn around economically," said John Hooker with J. Hooker Construction.

"It's great to be able to bring people affordable family entertainment like this for this community, which is on the rise. It just fits in with what's happening here," said Steve Malliet, President of Normal Cornbelters.

The Cornbelters will kick-off the season the Windy City Thunderbolts.

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